Hurricane Harvey Brought us an Angel

by Carlos Ingles

Angel’s  recent  baptism  into  Christ  was  the  culmination  of  a  beautiful  story  which  began  with  Hurricane  Harvey.  Shortly  after  the  storm,  Angel’s  wife,  Imelda,  came  to  Impact  for  help  at  the  suggestion  of  a  friend. My job in our Relief Center was to greet and talk to the people as they waited to get supplies and other help, and that’s how I met Imelda. I  invited  her  to  join  us  for  church  and  the  following  Sunday  she  came  and brought her husband!

Shortly after, Imelda, along with some others we met during our relief efforts, started attending a small group. My wife Cindy and I also began visiting her home for additional Bible studies.  After that day they began attending very consistently. This is even more impressive because Angel now must attend church without Imelda, who had to return to Mexico due to an immigration issue. We welcome our  brother  Angel  to  the  kingdom  of  God;  may  God  continue  to  bless  him as he is surrounded by fellow Christians walking alongside him.

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