In Memory of John Burris

by Ron Sellers

“No  family!  No  friends!”  bemoaned  a  despondent  John  some  15+  years  ago.  Hope  escaped  him.  Sadness  enveloped  him.  But Jesus  changed  him.  Certain circumstances  and  challenges  did  not  change  but  in  Christ  he  learned  to  cope.  This  church  and a few others walked alongside him. Joining the Sunday morning Greeting Team and a small group, John interacted with others in a deepening way. He made friends at Avenue Station and the Dialysis clinic.

After his death and on the day of his interment  at  Houston  National  Cemetery, county officials were shocked.  Usually  no  relatives  means  that only vets assigned for duty to do the military  honors  ceremony  are  present.  However, this Wednesday morning a long line  of  cars  in  procession  respectfully  move toward the graveside. They double park and then the Impact family gathers to sing and pray and bid a temporary farewell to their friend. See ya soon, John.


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