A Growing (and sweaty) Community

by Tyler Lemmons

When I am at mentoring there is always something encouraging, inspiring, or deeply spiritual going on no matter where I look. Mentoring is about reminding us what is already true: that we are all inexplicably connected, that we all belong to God and to each other.

One thing that has stood out to me this year is how much Impact Mentoring has actually become a wonderful community. On any given  Monday  evening  there  is  a  group  of  kids  and  adults  who  are  out  on  the  basketball  court  playing  an  intense  game  while  inside there is another large group of kids and adults crammed in a classroom all playing BINGO (prizes and all)!  I realized recently how important this community is for the kids  when I had the difficult task of telling one boy that he wouldn’t be coming to mentoring on Monday nights anymore. His mentor’s schedule had changed and needed to mentor on a different day. I pulled him away from the basketball game to tell him about it; he was sweaty and exhausted and when I told him he looked so defeated  and  sad.  In  that  moment  I  gained  perspective:  yes,  this  is  about  mentoring  relationships,  but  it  also  is  about  being  part  of  a  community  of  kids  and  adults  who  sweat  together  playing basketball and I was about to take that away from him.

 Thankfully after some problem-solving we figured out a way for him to continue coming on Monday nights, but I am grateful for the new sensitivity and awareness I gained from that experience. What I have loved about watching mentoring grow over the years is  all  the  unexpected  gifts,  and  I  definitely  count  this  loving,  vibrant community of adults and kids as one of them. In  addition,  we  are  currently  seeking  mentors  for  the  fall  semester!  Make  a  difference  and  be  a  part  of  this  vibrant  community! Contact Tyler at .

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