Helping Those Who Help Others – Pt 2

by Leslie Salinas

Working at the Arms of Hope Family Outreach Center at Impact provides us with blessings daily, but recently being able to hear and be a part of the story of a young woman named Carla has been absolutely priceless. Ms. Carla is only 20 years old but has been the head of her household since graduating high school, when her mother was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Her father left them when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and she could no longer care for her 11yo daughter. Ms. Carla was accepted to college but was unable to attend due to taking on the responsibilities of working and providing for her mother and younger sister – she did not think twice about putting her life on hold to take care of her family.

Ms. Carla is an amazing young lady who cares for her sister as her own child and also cares for her mother. Ms. Carla works a full-time job while also managing to take her mother to chemo and other doctor appointments. She and her mother came into AOH needing assistance with their rent because she was no longer allowed to do overtime at work and because they had been spending money on colostomy bags for her mother. Ms. Carla’s mother has had over 13 surgeries in the past year, a colostomy being one of them.

AOH was able to cover the rest of their rent and thanks to a generous donation was able to provide the family with 5 boxes of colostomy bags. During our appointment Ms. Carla’s mother began to cry because she stated that she was afraid that when she passed her husband would take the 11yo from her daughter (Carla). AOH was able to provide them with legal resources and they are working on getting an appointment to try and find a solution for this problem.

Ms. Carla’s mother, whose name is Anthelma, is also an amazing woman. Regardless of her pain and barely being able to walk she came to the appointment with her daughter and was supportive throughout the entire interview. Ms.Carla is interested in attending college and plans to begin in 2020. We are excited to see what God has in store for her!

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