Helping Those who Help Others

by Leslie Salinas

A Great Example

Meet Ms. Sheretta Parks, a mother of 3 and grandmother of 5. Ms. Sheretta’s story is beautiful and hard not to share. Ms. Sheretta became very ill and had to stop working for several weeks. She suffers from MRSA, diabetes, and gets blood clots in her arm (little mobility and strength in one arm).

When she was still in the hospital she received news that CPS was in the middle of removing her grandchildren due to her daughter’s drug use, and she prayed to be released from the hospital quickly to prevent her grandchildren from going into the CPS system. The doctors were hesitant to release her but sent her home with a home nurse, and she was able to sign the paperwork to be allowed to care for her 5 grandchildren ages 8, 7, 2, 1 and 3 months. Caring for them has not been easy because she also has 3 children of her own. Ms. Sheretta has been struggling to provide for all 8 children financially, but her faith has helped her to stay strong and God has helped her find a way.

Although she was still employed with her company of 10+ years, she was not receiving a paycheck because she had not actually been at work.  The only source of income came from an insurance that she bought in case she became ill. She receives this check weekly but it was not enough to provide for 8 children, and her budget became unmanageable after having to spend on formula, diapers, extra food, and clothing for the kids. She believed that she would be caring for her grandchildren for only a month, but her daughter is now running from CPS and refusing to cooperate. The children have been in her care for 3+ months. CPS offered to place the children in care of someone else but Ms. Sheretta’s love for her grandchildren does not allow her to give up on them. She called several places in hope to obtain rental assistance but funds were low at organizations that she contacted. Eventually, her apartment complex placed a lock on her door and she was fearful to lose all 8 children.

She got connected with Arms of Hope and received an assessment. She stated that she felt hopeful and renewed after her assessment. Arms of Hope was able to pay her rent in full and prevent her from being evicted. She received help with transportation, diapers, formula and food. During her appointment with AOH Ms. Sheretta said the amazing words “Grandkids are the greatest love your heart will ever know.” It is amazing to see stories like this one where we learn about love, and a great reminder of how blessed we are that God has blessed us with the ability to love unconditionally.

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