My Hero and Partner

by Carlos Ingles

To  share  the  gospel  you  need  to  speak  without  fear,  which  is  what  Margarita  does.  I  have  been  blessed  recently  with  the  company  of  this  sister,  who  is  82  years  old  but  whose  evangelistic  spirit  is  young.  She  is  very active, eloquent, and sharp-minded, and a true hero of the faith. She comes to Impact to serve every Monday and Tuesday to fill bags of food for people in need, sometimes even paying for an Uber ride to get here! We  have  also  recently  been  visiting  people  who  have  needs,  like  taking  food to elderly shut-ins.

Lately  Margarita  has  been  going  on  Tuesday  morning  to  visit  different  families to share the gospel with them. She has made relationships with two  of  her  neighbors,  who  we  have  now  visited  in  order  to  preach  the  gospel.  Because  she  lives  in  an  apartment  complex,  many  people  know  her. In fact, starting in May we are planning to start a Bible study group in the house of one Margarita’s neighbors. Margarita is very good at inviting people but also knows the Bible very well and enjoys participating in the Bible studies.

Margarita is a dear friend of mine and my family loves her, my son Caleb even  calls  her  “Grandma.”  My  spiritual  connection  with  Margarita  is  great  also,  we  love  each  other  and  we  share  a  passion  for  sharing  the  good  news  of  Jesus.  We  currently  are  studying  with  two  ladies,  one  of  them  being  Thelma,  a  cancer  patient.  I  thank  God  that  with  her  help  I  have been able to initiate new bible studies, and feel very blessed to have such a partner. Please pray for our efforts!

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