Let’s Celebrate a Victory!

by Carlos Ingles

Each  year  the  Hispanic  Churches  of  Christ  in  Houston  have  an  event called  the  Gulf  Coast  Bible  Conference.    A  part  of  the  conference  is  a  Bible  bowl,  when  a  book  or  several  chapters  of  a  book  are  chosen  to  test participants’ biblical knowledge. This year was a very difficult book:  Numbers, from the Old Testament. The exam has 100 questions and is split into two days because of how long it is.

It is a big competition with many participants, and Impact came into the competition having won the previous five years in a row, and this year Impact won again in each of the age categories! Our kids did a great job; they won many awards and it was also great to see new kids participate.  It  was  also  fantastic  that  in  the  adult  category  we  not  only  won  first  place but had a three-way tie for first place between three women from Impact! Marina Remigio, Paulina Romero, and Lluvia Delgado won first place and Claudia Romero won second place.

Thank  God  for  each  of  the  participants  and  for  their  effort  and  dedication. The true award is the knowledge of the eternal word of God but you have to admit that the trophies are nice also! Congratulations to the winners, we are very proud of you.  A big thanks  also goes to our coaches, Lluvia Delgado and Dimas Velasquez!

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