Health Challenge

by Marilyn Flores

One  of  the  primary  goals  of  our  Impact  Resource  Center  and  Arms  of  Hope partnership is use our existing ministries to springboard into deeper and  more  transformative  relationships  with  families.  The  month  of  May  was a great example of that and hopefully something we can also build on. We  used  our  Health  and  Wellness  Fair  in  late  April  to  promote  a  4-week  Health  Challenge,  the  purpose  of  which  was  to  get  to  know  families  on  a  more personal level while addressing their physical and spiritual health.

All  four  classes  were  taught  by  Cindy,  who  is  an  RN,  and  the  topics  covered were Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental Health. In addition to  the  health  classes  there    was  also  a  devotional/bible  class  led  by  an  Impact  member.  It  was  so  inspiring  to  see  how  devoted  the  ladies  were  to  the  health  challenge,  and  how  eager  they  were  to  learn  how  to  make  healthier choices when it comes to feeding their families. During  the  4-week  period  we  also  helped   them   monitor   their   blood   pressure,   glucose,   and   weight.   As    the weeks progressed the ladies were willingly   engaging   in   discussions!   They  knew  that  it  was  a  judgment-free  zone  and  that  all  questions  were  welcome  during  discussion  time.  It  was  just  so  awesome  to  witness  some  transformation  happening.  The  ladies felt safe and comfortable asking questions about Jesus and heaven as well as discussing their physical health. They were able to see how you need both  to  balance  life.  They  were  also  able  to  enjoy  a  free  yoga  class  which  taught  them  different  breathing  exercises  that  are  designed  to  encourage  relaxation and reduce stress.

Overall the Health Challenge was a success and we had a great time getting to  know  these  amazing  ladies,  and  were  even  able  to  make  free  beauty  baskets  from  items  at  the  Impact  Resource  Center  for  the  ladies  that  had  perfect attendance during the entire 4 weeks.

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