Graduations Everywhere!

by Marilyn Flores

Calvin Balca and Jose Zezatti have graduated from the Work Faith Connections Program!  Calvin and Jose,  who  also  graduated  from  our  Life  House  recently,  are  the  first  participants of the Life House to go through the 8-day job search workshop successfully.   They   had   to   apply,   participate   in   the   selection   interview   process,  and  submit  to  a  drug  test.  They  attended  the  program  from  9  am  –   4 pm   (Thursday-Thursday),   and   used   metro  as  their  method  of  transportation  to   and   from   Work   Faith   Connections.

Although they would arrive back to Impact exhausted,  they  still  managed  to  complete  their assigned duties at the church. It took dedication, hard work and commitment to be where they are today. The graduation was full of joy and emotions. Calvin and Jose received all the guidance they need to be successful in finding a job, but also grew spiritually.

We  are  extremely  proud  of  them  for  not  only  graduating  from  The  Work  Faith Connections Program but also for recently completing the Life House Program.

And after the Friday graduation  the  celebration  continued  on  Saturday!  Jose  made  the  greatest  and  most  important  decision  of  his  life,  which  was  to  get  baptized.  Jose  is  very  reserved  and  chose  to  get  baptized  in  private.  We  are  all extremely  excited  and  happy  that  he  now  forms  part of our Christian family. Please continue to pray for Jose and Calvin as they start this new journey. May God bless them and may they continue to obey Him and glorify His name.

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