Consider God’s Handiwork

By Paul Woodward

Life is mysterious. As a man of faith, I have felt the hand of God too many times to discount its existence. Too many times I have seen an outcome in someone’s life that utterly defies their circumstances – those times especially convince me there is more to life than meets the eye.

Consider God’s handiwork: A woman I know was brutally abused when she was a young child and sought to ease the pain by getting drunk literally every day for 40 years. Now she is a committed Jesus-follower, clean  and  sober  and  serving  in  the  church.  That’s  an  extraordinary  resurrection  demonstrating God’s  handiwork. Consider  God’s  handiwork:  I  know  a  young  teenager  whose  life  was  a  compilation  of  poor  choices  creating a seemingly irreparable gulf between him and God. 20 years later he is now a committed Jesus-follower and an outstanding dad, husband, and church member. That’s an extraordinary resurrection demonstrating God’s handiwork.

These two and so many other extraordinary examples of God’s handiwork provide great inspiration. If you’re fortunate in life there are moments – moments you never forget – when you encounter someone whose entire world has been turned upside down and they find a way to inspire you. They find a way to  show  you  that  you  can  rise  above  all  of  life’s  difficulties.  They  find  a  way  to  demonstrate God’s  handiwork in the human condition. My daughter Jennifer, who is battling a cancer for which there is no cure, has provided this inspiration for my wife Susan and I. She has found a way to rise above all of life’s difficulties and inspire my wife Susan and I, and that, my friends, is God’s handiwork.

God’s handiwork is a beautiful thing!


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  1. I have always thought that anyone who doesn’t believe is just not paying attention. I see God’s wonder every time I open my eyes.


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