Paul and Joe

by Marilyn Flores, Arms of Hope Case Manager

The morning of February 4, 2019 Joe Martinez got baptized. It was an amazing moment and such an honor to be able to witness it. Joe is a very shy and reserved person, and only allowed 6 people to be there.  Joe was homeless when he came to Impact approximately 10 years ago and was offered a place to stay by Paul Mireles. Paul, who you read about in a previous blog post, is also technically homeless himself. He rents a garage from a very nice woman and uses the showers at Impact.  Paul is a believer and played a BIG role in Joe’s walk to Christ.

Paul praying at Joe’s baptism

Arms of Hope had the pleasure of meeting with Joe earlier this year when he came for assistance after his friend Paul referred him. He was very concerned about his health as he felt very ill and could hardly breathe. Unfortunately he does not have identification or any type of paperwork with which to attempt to get an ID, something AOH is currently seeking a solution for. We did, however, refer him to the county hospital, one of Impact’s ministers was able to take him, and he received the medical assistance he needed.

One of Impact’s Elders, Paul Woodward, had been talking to Joe about baptism for about 6 years. After many prayers and multiple bible studies Joe made the greatest and most important decision of his life. It was beautiful to see the joy and happiness in Joe’s face as everyone welcomed him to his new family.
Please continue to pray for Joe as he starts his new life as a follower of God!

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