Interruptions in the Sermon

by Carlos Inglés, Bilingual Minister
In the Bible the church is known as a flock, as a body, and as a building, but the description I like the most is a family. It is said that we do not choose our families and this is true – our job is simply to accept and to love our families. Here we have a great family that is not related through human blood  but by the blood of Jesus on the Cross. This is a very diverse family, of different languages, cultural backgrounds, customs and traditions. And I have something else to tell you – I love this family because it is an informal and authentic family.

On a recent Sunday I was preaching and a little girl at the beginning of my message came up and interrupted me to give me a dollar bill, saying she had found it in the bathroom.  Often when I preach there is an elderly lady who has something to say and often interrupts me very loudly to express it.  Sometimes we have shouts of joy from our beloved Manuel, who  has special needs, and our dear Laura often calls my name aloud on Sundays.  Lately my son has joined this procession of interruptions. He is fully in his terrible twos and often when I’m preaching Caleb runs away from his mother from the very back just to hug my leg.  I see in all these situations the reflection of a diverse family where there are all kinds of people, young and old, and where we treat all of these people with great patience.
I believe that these differences, instead of being disadvantages, are a  strength of this congregation. Let’s continue patiently accepting and  loving our family here, and Greetings from the Spanish-speaking part of Impact!

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