Dear Friend of Impact

This summer 400 elementary-aged children will attend one of three concurrent 6-week long VBS camps at Impact. They will attend 4 full days a week of Bible instruction, singing, fun activities, literacy classes, service projects, field trips, and meals.  150 Middle School and High School youth will, for 4 days a week for 8 weeks, attend summer camp-like activities, Bible lessons, and service projects, among other trips and camps.

Our desire is that these 550 youth and children will experience the love of Jesus and build deep Christ-centered relationships, that they will give their life to Christ and learn how to live as responsible Christian men and women in this world.

One of the greatest challenges we’ve faced the last few summers is creating space on campus for our Middle School youth.  Their only indoor meeting space has been a 25’x14’ portable building, so 90 Middle School youth have mostly met outside and done many activities off-campus.  This challenge, among others, has also led to many of our VBS children not being able to continue with us through Middle School – sadly, we haven’t had the space.

We’re excited to announce that, upon the completion of the Lindale campus, our Middle Schoolers will have their own space this summer!  We’ve already built the “ga-ga-ball pit” and are ready to see the Lindale campus overrun with joyful, God-loving Middle Schoolers.  Though we will still be limited to 90 Middle Schoolers this summer, the elimination of this hurdle will, in the future, help provide the opportunity for all our VBS children to attend Impact beyond 5th grade; for Christ-centered relationships to continue growing; for Jesus to be made known among them.

Another hurdle we face every summer is that most families we serve cannot afford for their children to be involved in Impact’s summer programs.  The cost for one child to be involved in summer activities (minus what visiting youth groups give) is $175. Many friends of Impact (or better said, friends of children) support one or more of them. If you are moved to help, please send your gift to Impact earmarked “Summer Fund.” We, and our children, will be very grateful!

Thank you for the continued time, talent, and treasure you pour into our children!

Dennis Jaeger


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