Core Connections Network


Arms of Hope and the Impact Church have partnered with the distributionHouston Food Bank’s Core Connections Network to offer training for individuals with chronic long-term illnesses. The goal is to give our community the possibility of a brighter future with the tools and confidence each individual needs to take an active role in managing his or her chronic illness.

Key components of the program are chronic condition, diabetes, and cardiovascular self-management, as well as nutrition and exercise education and stress and medication management.


“When you are financially stressed or do not feel well, you may not be able to undertake grocery shopping, preparing meals and having healthy snacks. What we eat has a lot to do with how we feel, how much energy we have, and, in some cases, how we manage our lives.” – Curriculum excerpt


If you suffer from a chronic condition we will begin registration for a multi-week training course in the near future. Please be on the lookout in the bulletin or on

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