Great Expectations

By Caroline Nichols

As the school year has begun and we have had some time to reflect on all God did this summer, there are so many things to be grateful for. God kept hundreds of children and teens safe as they were picked up and dropped off every day for almost 8 weeks, and protected 40 youth groups that traveled to and from Houston to serve for a week at a time. 13735644_571775479660563_1136415585680172920_oReading teachers came to help our students further their skills and love for reading. Our interns did a remarkable job teaching, loving, and building relationships with our children. I rejoice greatly in each of these things!

But I think the most memorable part of this summer for me is how God wrote his word on our children’s hearts. We challenged each of the VBS kids to memorize NINE Bible verses this summer, a difficult task for any of us. But you know what? 239 children memorized all 9 verses over the six weeks. I learned that we can set our expectations for children high and they CAN reach them with God’s help. We had several 4 and 5 year olds who memorized all the verses perfectly! If they can do it, the rest of us can too.

My other lesson for the summer was the power of God’s Word in building relationships. I witnessed children practicing the verses with their friends, younger siblings, big buddies, and interns. Lasting relationships were built through the time of learning and working towards a goal together.

God did big things this summer, and I have no doubt he will continue this school year. If you see one of the children that went to VBS, ask them to recite one of their summer memory verses, I bet they can do it!

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