My Dream for 2016

by Caroline Nichols

The biggest event for our Children’s Ministry every year is our 6-week Vacation Bible School summer program. Every year it is fun and exciting, but I am very excited for this summer. Our theme is the “Armor of God” and we can’t wait to decorate and transform the building into a Medieval castle. 11223867_10102875227478052_5604182789350578607_nThe summer will be filled with games, crafts, and a lot of fun, but more than anything I am eager to see how God will transform and imprint hearts of the children, interns, visiting youth groups, and even the bus drivers.

Last summer our children were challenged to recite all 66 books of the bible, and the majority did (and can still tell me today)! God wrote those words on their hearts, and I am praying God will continue to allow the children to remember his word, to stand firm against the devil’s schemes and put on the full armor of God each day.

Every summer when VBS applications are available we have a few parents who attended Impact VBS as a kid sign their children up. Many of them haven’t been to Impact in several years, but they remember the experience they had 15 plus years ago, and want their children to have the same experience. What a wonderful example how just in just a few weeks, God can make such a big impact on our hearts. My dream and goal for this summer (and every day in between) is that God will transform and impact each child who walks in the door of our building or gets on our vehicles – more than we can ask or imagine!

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  1. You guys have the most awesome VBS I’ve ever seen. It was such a blessing for us last summer! My 6 year old attended all six weeks and loved every minute of it. She made several friends and learned all of the books of the Bible. It was a blessing to me, too, trying to find ways to fill up the days of summer with good activities. We plan on applying for VBS again this year and even getting the boy across the street (also 7) to attend Impact VBS. Thank you, Impact Church, for this incredible ministry you do each summer! God bless you!!!!


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