Arms of Hope and Impact Church in 2016

by Paul Woodward

Arms of Hope and Impact Houston Church of Christ formed a strategic partnership in July 2015.  Impact member Leslie Salinas was hired by Arms of Hope to open and operate the Family Outreach Center located at the Impact Church, and this partnership has turned out to be a match made in heaven!aoh

Impact turns 29 years old on January 10th 2016, and for most of that time we recognized the need for a full time social worker. We prayed and waited for an answer, and we are completely convinced that Arms of Hope and Leslie are an answer to that prayer. We had no idea that God would answer the prayer in such an abundant manner!

The working relationship between the Impact staff and Leslie has been perfect. I could not have imagined such a seamless, instantaneous, and productive working relationship, and we have already had three baptisms as a direct result of the AOH / Impact partnership.  More hurting people are being helped in an efficient, organized and thoughtful process than has ever happened at Impact and the collateral blessing of Leslie’s influence is profound.

I think God is well pleased when Christians collaborate for the glory of His Kingdom, and I anticipate more great accomplishments because of the two ministries working together. I think Impact is awesome, I think Arms of Hope is awesome, and I think together God will use this newly formed team to do great things!

All glory and honor to our wonderful God!!

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