Doubling Our Mentoring Impact

by Tyler Lemmons

Impact Mentoring is a one-on-one mentoring program in which we pair up one of our Impact kids with an adult who commits to building a God-centered, discipling relationship throughout the course of a school year.  We are now halfway through our third year and we have 35 pairs that meet weekly.  Out of those 35 pairs, 13 of them are original pairs from our first year—meaning that they are on their third year of meeting consistently!  11229563_476312752540170_6208038552663445807_oJust stop and think about that—three years of meeting (almost) every single week.  Numbers can be a shallow way to describe success—the real value comes through relationship and growth – but in this case, I believe that numbers DO matter.  There are thirty-five kids that are secure and confident in their mentor’s love, thirty-five kids that are being taught and shown God in a consistent and committed way, thirty-five kids that have learned to expect and count on their mentor’s attention and time on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.  Thirty-five kids that are given this life changing gift because thirty-five adults decided to be used by our God.

My hope is that we can continue to Double Our Impact through our Impact Mentoring program.  Every adult that commits to building a relationship with one of our kids is multiplying our ‘impact’ in our community in a HUGE way.  I pray for more adults that are willing to begin a mentoring relationship with one of our kids.  I pray that the relationships that are already established continue to grow and develop into long-term, life-changing relationships.  Thank you to those who have made this commitment—your time and love are invaluable. And let’s #DoubleOurImpact with our Impact Mentoring program!

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