Trick or Treat!

by Tyler Lemmons

Our Impact Mentoring group recently had the opportunity to serve a nearby nursing home for our Halloween activity. The kids were invited to go Trick-or-Treating with the residents and sing a few songs.  Many mentors arrived with costumes for their mentees, and all things were aligning for a really special night.  IMG_0298However, we walked up to the reception desk and realized that due to a communication problem they had no idea we were coming!  So, there were all 50 of us— cats, batman, and princesses included, with no residents prepared and no candy (which was especially important from the kids’ point of view).  We sort of wandered about, Caroline Nichols and I trying to keep up appearances that we had any plan at all, when we walked into a Divine rescue.  Roseline Emrick is a resident of this nursing home – an amazing woman, long-time member and faithful attender at Impact, and she completely saved the day!  She immediately spotted us as we spotted her, and we spent the next several minutes crowded in and around her room singing songs, talking, and taking pictures.  The kids loved getting to meet her and show her some of their favorite VBS songs.  Instead of us spreading our love out to many residents (which was the original plan), I think God did something even better—we got to completely engulf Roseline with our love, and in doing so, she engulfed us with hers.  And to wrap the whole story up in a beautiful way, she had a bag of candy she insisted on giving the kids.  Trick-or-Treat!!

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