A Great Example

carlosby Carlos Inglés

Through the years I have come to know many people who have left their home countries in Latin America and have come to America to be able to send money back home to their families.  For example, I have a friend who has been living here for about 8 years. She has told me many times how she loves her daughters and how much she misses them.  She works at a dry cleaner, and has three daughters living in Mexico that she supports financially. She has burned herself multiple times while on the job, but despite that continues to work hard to be able to provide for her daughters.

She got baptized here at Impact last January, and began attending the small group that meets at my house.  Last Wednesday during our small group time we celebrated her birthday. She was so happy, and came to tears because she feels that she has found a new family at Impact. I don’t have many opinions about politics or politicians, but what I do know is that immigrants are people. As a Church we are called to love, cherish, and embrace them regardless of their immigration status. Our business here at Impact is about helping and loving people like her.  And because of that she has found the gospel, the love of Christ, and a new family. I’m so honored to call this hard-working woman my sister in Christ.

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