Middle School Tuesday Nights!

20150901_190647By Tyler Lemmons

There always seems to be a fun energy when our mid-week high school and middle school Bible studies start up again in the fall after a short break.  Since we go a few weeks after our summer program without all being together, many kids are anxious to be picked up and brought to Impact once again.  The evening is filled with 45 to 50 middle school kids enjoying a lesson, singing, small groups, and games. I am always struck with how much the summer camaraderie carries over into our mid-week meetings; the space is filled with common experiences, jokes, and growth.  Seeing the kids bonded over what happened at summer camp or laughing about a van route gone wrong gives us a glimpse, and really a hope, for what a true Christ-centered community could look like for these kids.  Ultimately Impact strives to provide them just that—safe, loving, community in which they can run free of burdens; where they can laugh, joke, question, and grow.  I am seeing this happen this fall for our middle school group, and I am encouraged by the community growing within our walls.  May God continue to grow this community of teens and may Christ always be the One who binds us together.

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