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pic01Hello friends of the Impact Distribution Center!    We continue to be blessed with quality donations from our friends and supporters, many of which were distributed this past week as both the family and outdoorsmen clothing days were back in action after a short hiatus.  We are already beginning to request warmer clothing and blankets for the coming fall and winter days. This may seem odd since the temps are still in the upper 90’s, but we are only a couple short months away from colder weather and want to be prepared.

In addition, there are other clothing and food facilities in our area that have ceased their operations and we are beginning to see a significant number of new clients coming to us.  Just this past week the Houston bus that offers free rides for the homeless stopped twice on Houston Avenue.  Each time, we witnessed some fifteen riders get off and head our way.  While circumstances like these sometimes leave us scrambling to adjust, we know that God will always give us the means to perform the tasks to which He has called us.   Thanks to all of you who are so often the people He uses to answer those prayers of need!

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