He is Alive!

He Is Alive

VBS 2015: The Missing Peace is in the books! A big debt of gratitude goes to the thousands of people who have helped make this summer at Impact a great success. We’ll close with a quick story from last week: This summer our children learned about the life of Christ. Week 5 of VBS took them through the final days of Jesus’ life and the crucifixion, and Thursday there was a great drama about the final days of Jesus’ life, followed by our children learning what Jesus’ death meant for them. They wrote ways they have messed up/sinned on crosses, and then, symbolizing Jesus’ death putting our sins to death, they drove their crosses into the ground, making a very big graveyard for sin! Afterwards, we came back inside and learned the good news – Jesus is Alive! The lights went out, and with lots of glow sticks, plus a painting they had been uncovering all summer with the hidden black light message “He is Alive,” there was a very exciting ‘Jesus is alive’ party! A couple hours after it was over, when one child who was still bouncing around was asked what he was so happy about, his answer captured the spirit of the entire day: “I’m just so happy that Jesus is alive!” What a phenomenal day and summer! May we all know the hope, excitement, and peace that come because Jesus is alive.

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