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While our Impact family is currently in a 40-day period of prayer, we would also like to invite our family and friends to take part in our self-guided prayer tour of Impact’s neighborhood. Take a friend or a group as you pray on behalf of Impact and the people of our surrounding area during this special season of prayer.

Click the link below for a printable version of the Prayer Tour Guide and Map.

Prayer Tour Guide

1. I-10 Overpass – Houston Ave. between Weber & White Oak

a. Every day, thousands of children in the Houston area are being transported to and from school. Pray for the safety of our children, and all children in Houston, and that the time spent on the buses would be encouraging and uplifting, as often time spent on a bus can be the most hurtful to children.

b. Impact provides transportation for all kinds of different church events. Please pray for the safety of our van and bus routes and for the condition of our vehicles, and that the time spent on the vehicles would be encouraging and uplifting experiences.

c. More than 75 churches make their way to Impact every year to serve in many different capacities. What a blessing! Pray that we can be an encouragement and blessing to the visiting churches that are coming to serve us, and for the time they spend here – that people would fall in love with Jesus because of their service.

2. Woodland Park – Houston Ave. & Wrightwood

a. 36,000 homeless men and women live in Houston.

b. 1 in 5 children are undernourished, and hundreds of thousands in poverty.

c. Pray for our homeless population, for those who would cross the doors of Impact, for the hardships they face, and that they would have an eternal home with God in heaven.

3. Corner Store – 1514 White Oak

a. Hundreds of people frequent this corner store daily who have substance abuse issues. Substance abuse affects individuals and families in significant ways. Children growing up in homes of someone abusing, spouses, and parents – all are affected.

b. Pray for those who frequent this corner store to find real freedom – not freedom they think they’re finding in a bottle or a needle – to find the freedom that can only be found in Christ, and freedom from their addictions.

4. Highland Park Care Center – 2714 Morrison St.

a. Hundreds of thousands of people in Houston are lonely. They have no family, no connection with anyone. Nursing homes are of course full of lonely people, and Highland Park is one of the communities in which Impact has a weekly bible study.

b. Pray for Impact’s efforts in this facility and others like it, and that the residents would find companionship and community in Christ and His church.

5. White Oak Bayou

a. Impact is about serving those in need. Everything we do, though, is ultimately to bring people into relationship with Jesus.

b. Pray for those who Impact is currently studying with, currently serving, and who we will be studying with and serving, that they would make the decision to give their life to Jesus through baptism, and that they would continue to walk with Christ the rest of their days.

6. Crockett Elementary – 2112 Crockett

a. 520 youth and children, many of whom go to or have gone to this elementary school, will come to Impact this summer. They all have different stories, and some have wonderful, amazing families, but many come from broken and abusive homes. For many, Impact will be the only safe place and safe people they encounter all summer.

b. Pray for them, their families, and anything you can think of on their behalf.

7. Police Station – 61 Riesner

a. Houston is full of crime, full of people who have taken the wrong road in life.

b. Pray for our city, for those who lay their lives on the line every day to protect us, and thank God for Jesus who laid down his life for us. Pray for those in prison, that they would turn their lives around and encounter Jesus in a powerful way.

8. St. Joseph’s Hospital – 1401 St. Joseph Parkway

a. So many suffer with physical ailments. The majority of people in the world go day to day simply trying to survive.

b. Pray for those who are suffering physically. Pray for their families. Pray for their healing, and ultimately that God would enter their situations now and bring peace.

9. Impact Church of Christ – 1704 Weber

a. Pray that God would use Impact to be a light in this area, in this city, and in the world!

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