The Good News

By Carlos InglesClaudia

I’m excited to share some good news about Ana Claudia Romero Hernandez! Claudia’s mother has been coming to our Distribution Center for a long time to get much-needed food and clothes. A couple months ago Claudia, the youngest in her family, was going through a time of seeking God and asking questions about Him. One day she asked her mom the whereabouts of the Church that had been giving her groceries on Tuesdays, and her mom replied that it is a really good church called Impact. So she decided to visit Impact on the following Sunday (last November), and since that day has not stopped coming. In fact, she often brings visitors with her when she comes! And after having some personal Bible study with an Impact member, she decided to follow the Lord and was recently baptized! Praise the Lord for Claudia’s decision, and for the good reputation that Impact has in our community. And pray for Claudia’s new life in Christ!


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