A Trip to Temple

By Laura Hamilton –

IMG_2680On a recent Sunday a group of Impact high school students and several volunteers went on a day trip to Temple, TX. Our mission was to help Brandon and Heidi Baker host a community Christmas party to spread the word about the newly-planted Impact Church of Christ in Temple, a church which is under the oversight of the Impact elders.  When we arrived, we set out in groups to knock on doors to invite people to join us at the park for hamburgers and hot dogs. Quite a few of the neighbors joined us, and as I sat watching our kids interact with the community, two thoughts stuck out to me:

1. These amazing high schoolers are here planting seeds of God’s love in Temple because others have taken the time to plant seeds in them. It’s so humbling to see God’s hand at work and to witness faith growing in our young men and women!

2. The group of people assembled that afternoon was very diverse; people of all different races ate together, talked together, sang together and played together, and the differences were irrelevant. We assembled as a group of people loved by our Creator and that was all that mattered. I was struck even more by the irony that we were at a park named Ferguson.  The world needs more of what happened that day – sharing the love we’ve been shown with the world around us, regardless of our differences!


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